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Unisex Products Made to Clean, Condition & Moisturise | Sam Farmer


If you guys haven’t seen this yet, it’s a unisex line of body products that promotes equality and discourages the sexualization of body products.  A father made it for his teenagers (1 boy and 1 girl) after shopping with them and seeing how all the girl’s products were labeled “flirty” and “sexy” and all the boy’s were labeled “attract” and “control”.  It makes me so excited that this is a thing!  Signal boost this up!!!

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MAA Conference

I slept for about 3 hours last night and I have been up for a long while. I am so sleepy and exhausted, but I have had such a wonderful day. I have met some really nice people and made some new friends. My “Spring Break: the Sequel” has just started, and I’ve already had a blast.

Here’s to integration bees, research talks, fancy banquets, and learning about a subject I’m truly passionate about.

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